Bud Snow is a contemporary street artist whose work crosses several mediums including public and private murals, paintings, wearables, textiles, drawings, graphics, sculpture, video, and photography. Based in Oakland California.
If you clean your room when you're uninspired, you will lose all your shit. Inspiration conjures genius beyond ourselves. It's a psychic, primal, natural thing. We are creators.

I believe in momentum. I know that when I reach for a feeling…or an idea arrives… that momentum will build if I put some attention there. As if some cosmic material is right there, backing it up. It's the art of being alive. This is the art of creating. When someone tells me they're not creative, I say, look in the mirror. Look at your relationships. Look at your career. Does it match what you've been thinking about? You created all of that.

Bud Snow grew up acting, taking photographs, making collages, drawing, painting, dressing up, finding artifacts, making zines, skateboarding, moving a lot, making small films, writing plays, and pretending to have all kinds of careers!

Street theater and theatrical activism played an important roll in Bud's development to adulthood. As a young person, traveling with a small circus, performing with fire, on stilts, and inside puppets gave me a freedom of expression that got into my bones…An artist, stilt walking father would take young Bud on annual road trips to Camp Winnarainbow, Wavy Gravy's infamous circus camp in Northern California. Here, Bud picked up further awareness of costume and performance literacy.

Likewise, under the wing of a Canadian painter mother, Bud has watched the act of Painting, with some attention, for over 25 cognicent years. It's no wonder that finding Character through mark making, would come in handy later in life.

In both my parents I noticed a daily attention to their craft that seemed liberating. They taught me by example.

I've been toying with the term Neo-Primalism...a school of work I associate with automatism in community space. Intuitive painting, photography, and installation as direct response to the ample ironies and absurdities of living. I'm concerned with Humanism, Animalism, Neo-Primalism. I work with a medium format rangefinder, a spray can, and a paintbrush. I like to work outside.